Astrology Consultations 

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At Essential Therapies we are big fans of astrology and we know that many of our lovely clients are too. So with this in mind we have a series of consultations and workshops planned.

Astrology is an incredibly useful tool for personal growth and development. It offers a code by which we may understand ourselves, others and life. It can also give an understanding of the time cycles unfolding and evolving in our lives.
Astrology carries the potential for deep healing through transformative insight.

An astrological consultation is a deeply supportive navigational tool for anyone who wishes to clarify their self understanding, or perhaps their understanding of their child, a teenager or partner. 

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BirthChart Consultation

Your chart is an image or map of the positions, orientations and interconnections of the planets in the zodiac signs at the time, date and place of your birth.

It is highly unique to you. 

A birth chart may be seen as a map of the soul.

During your reading, Lynne will outline characteristics, qualities, strengths, life-orientation, gifts and challenges that are inherent in the unique moment that you came in on. These can help you clarify what you're really here for, who you are, where you're coming from and where you're going. 

Lynne will also highlight important ongoing and forthcoming planetary trends for the year ahead, perhaps for the recent past too. this can give you a sense of perspective, timing, focus and orientation - something to get to grips with as you wrestle with the issues, themes and realities of the present time.

90-100mins - £120

This Includes the time it takes to prep your chart,

the consultation, a recording of the session and a hand drawn birth chart.

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About Lynne Speight

Lynne Speight has been an astrological consultant for over 32 years. Alongside being a group facilitator for both adults and teenagers for 15 years, and a co-facilitator on the Alchemical Journey in Glastonbury. 
In her early twenties, Lynne studied for a degree in Sociology and Psychology at the university of Kent in Canterbury and in 1995 Lynne studied with the  astrological psychology institute Switzerland.

Lynne says:
'Astrology is a wisdom code which I use both personally and professionally - It's an ever enriching and evolving practice!
It has been an ongoing fascination and a very useful passion, and I deeply enjoy sharing its multidimensional wisdom and insight with others.
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