Holistic Skincare Treatments

The Bespoke Botanical  Facial




Our facials are deliciously relaxing and focus on enhancing and celebrating your own natural beauty.

We primarily use Evolve Organic Beauty products in our facial treatments but we also cherry pick from a few other small but fabulous indie label natural & organic skincare brands.

Our facials are bespoke to you and are tailored to your unique needs.

A thorough consultation and skin analysis will inform your treatment, so instead of choosing from a menu, simply choose your desired treatment time and trust that your facial will be tailored accordingly.

Your therapist will draw from a range of techniques and products designed to calm, clarify, refine, boost and nourish your complexion. You'll leave us refreshed, restored and glowing with radiance.

You'll also find a list of add-ons below, allowing you to create your very own combination treatment should you wish.

Our bespoke facial makes a wonderful one-off treat, can be booked every 4-6 weeks for maximum benefit or quarterly for a seasonal refresh.

1hr - £60

(full facial)

75mins - £75

(full facial, 2 masks, steam, extractions if necessary)

Please note:

Please allow for up to an extra 15 minutes at your first skincare appointment.

This time is free of charge and is used for the initial consultation and post facial skincare recommendations.

At the heart of all of our facials is a thorough facial massage, stimulating lymphatic and circulatory flow, releasing muscular tension and bringing you into a state of deep peace and relaxation.
It is only when the nervous system is in this parasympathetic state that the body is able to truly rest, repair, and focus all of its energy on healing.

The Essential Ritual

The Essential Ritual is our signature treatment and is perfect choice for those who are serious about self-care. Combine both a restorative massage and a bespoke botanical facial for a treatment that is completely customised to your unique needs.

We'll work on your areas of muscular tension, releasing those nagging aches and pains and then address your specific skin concerns with techniques and products designed to restore your skins natural glow.

90mins - £90


120mins - £120 

We choose to use green science, the power of plants over synthetic alternatives to give your skin the care and nourishment it deserves.

15 mins - £15

Simply choose your main treatment and then add-on your chosen extras to create your very own customised treatment.


Cooling & hydrating, peel off hydra jelly mask.


Deeply cleansing & hydrating.

De-clog pores & rapidly restore moisture levels. We use steam when performing extractions .


Lay back and enjoy a foot massage whilst a face mask works it's magic.


Quick, effective & lasting relief from muscular tension. For more details on Dry Cupping please see our massage & bodywork page.


Divine scalp massage with deep peace inducing aromatic oils of lavender and rose geranium. Deep conditions scalp and goes wonderfully with a facial.

Our aim is to assist you in creating daily, weekly and monthly skincare rituals, 
both at home and at the studio.


Pregnancy Ritual

Full facial using pregnancy safe skincare from Evolve Organic Beauty. Followed by a soothing lower leg and foot massage for the mum to be.

75mins - £75


Mens Facial

Invigorating neck, scalp and facial massage, with a focus on deeply cleansing and refreshing your complexion using our superfood skincare products.

1hr - £60

Teen Facial

Deeply cleansing and balancing facial.

45mins - £45

Or choose to include a complete skincare set of products for the set price of £65 including facial.

Gift vouchers are available.


Back Refresh

Like a facial, but for your back. Steam, ozone, mud mask and massage.

 extractions if necessary.

Enjoy as a stand alone treatment or as an add-on to your main treatment.

45mins - £45




At Essential Therapies we practice supportive skincare, which simply means supporting the skins own natural functions.

Slow beauty is all about sustainability and enjoying your beauty rituals. In a world of quick fixes, it can be hard to see the benefits in using the same gentle products again and again. In reality, not only is it better for your skin in a lot of cases, but the results from those speedy treatments are often only temporary - whilst investing in quality skincare rituals sees slower but longer lasting results.

Our ethos when it comes to product recommendations is quality over quantity, helping you simplify and minimise your beauty routine, thus saving you money and reducing waste and bathroom clutter. It's important to give your new beauty products time to do their magic, we recommend you give your new skincare product at least 28 days to see the benefits. Be patient - good things come to those who wait!

We use high performing products that are eco-friendly and ethical. These products are not only kinder to your skin and the planet, but also offer exceptional results due to their high concentrations of bio-plant actives.

Our skincare apothecary shelves are well stocked with a range of up and coming indie label products, we are always experimenting with and adding new lines to our shop and back bar, so to be kept in the loop about our latest finds and favourites please join us on instagram and sign up to our monthly newsletter below.

We promise never to use products that have been tested on animals. Our products are cruelty free, vegan friendly and are also suitable for celiacs. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to allergies or sensitivities then please reach out to Kaya, who will be happy to assist you.



Harnessing the wisdom of nature and natural cosmetic science to create products that are brimming with nutritional benefit for your skin without costing the earth.

Botanical science has proven that we can get all we need for our skin to thrive from nutrient dense seed oils and plant extracts.

So why use anything else?

Verdekin use only undiluted natural and organic, consciously sourced ingredients and everything is handmade in small batches by Polly in North Somerset.



Evolve your skincare routine the natural way!

Society is coming full circle and realising that choosing natural ingredients and green packaging is better for us and our world. Evolve make organic beauty products that are a pleasure to use, with their upliftings scents, delicious textures and effective results.