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Restorative Massage & Bodywork Treatment    

Restorative massage is my umbrella term for all of the modalities of massage that I have trained in over the years. A restorative massage aims to restore you to your optimum self. Creating space in the body, correcting postural imbalances, easing those nagging aches and pains and helping you to feel your best.
A restorative massage may include deep tissue techniques, sports, remedial and MFR.
A restorative massage may also address specific pain problems and soft tissue injuries such as sciatica, piriformis syndrome and lower back or neck pain.
Indian head massage, Thai foot massage and aromatherapy may also be included for relaxation purposes.
Many of my clients find immense benefit in coming for a regular 4-6 weekly restorative massage simply because they feel the many benefits and enjoy the ritual.

1hr - £55


A restorative massage & bodywork session may include:

Deep Tissue Massage

For those who like or need a stronger massage.

Deep tissue techniques are incorporated into all of my treatments, whilst always working within the clients pain threshold.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage aims to remedy the problem. For clients seeking help with a pain problem such as sciatica, plantar fasciitis or lower back or neck pain. Therapist and client work together and often over a series of treatments. Home care advice and exercises may be given to help speed recovery.

Sports Massage

Suitable pre and post event, helps prevent injury and maximises sporting potential. Are you stretching effectively and for long enough? If the answer to this question is no, then a regular sports massage may be an effective solution for you.


Myofascial release techniques are a gentle and effective way of releasing muscular tension, correcting connective tissue dysfunction and can soften hardened scar tissue.

Essential Relaxation Massage

Just want to relax and unwind? We've put together the best of the massage favourites in this popular treatment designed to help you de-stress. The massage starts with a deep tissue back, neck and shoulder massage, delivering deep peace and relaxation, melting your muscle tension away and dissolving those nagging aches and pains.

Next a top-to-toe experience with thorough Indian head massage followed by a Thai foot massage. All with deep peace inducing aromatic oils. If you're seeking massage for stress relief then our essential relaxation massage is the perfect choice.

75mins - £75


The Essential Ritual

The Essential Ritual is our signature treatment.

Releasing tension in our hardworking facial muscles can make an instant difference to our mood as well as our appearance.

Our facials include extensive face, neck and shoulder massage, along with the nourishing benefits of our powerful plant-based skincare products. Why not combine the best of both of our bespoke treatments with a restorative massage followed by a custom facial. 90 minutes of total bliss!

Find out more on our facials & skincare page.

90mins - £90


“The secret to health is a good oil massage"

Hippocrates 5BC

“The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Combining the benefits of essential oils and massage therapy.

Essential oils are aromatic and highly concentrated substances extracted from parts of trees, plants, flowers and fruit.

Aromatherapy is not new - evidence of the use of aromatic oils dates back almost 3,000 years BC with the ancient Egyptians making use of their medicinal, cosmetic and spiritual benefits. At Essential Therapies we use Botanicals essential oils which are organic and made in small batches in the UK.

We use these beautiful aromatic oils in all of our treatments unless requested otherwise.


Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage is based on the concept that the feet hold an energy map of the body. By targeting specific areas (pressure points) that relate to the body's various systems we are able to encourage the mind and body to restore its own natural balance, therefore keeping the whole body harmonised. 

There are over 7,000 nerve endings in your feet and this is what makes having your feet massaged such a blissful experience.

Enjoy Thai foot massage as part of your restorative massage or as an add on to any treatment.

20mins - £20


Indian Head Massage

Why not include some scalp head massage into your session.

Indian head massage is both relaxing and invigorating. 

It is also known to stimulate hair growth.

Enjoy as part of your restorative massage or as an add on to any treatment.

20mins - £20

Indian Head Massage


"After suffering with sciatic nerve pain for may months, I'm now more or less pain free. The treatment from Kaya was excellent and the homeware advice and exercises were extremely helpful"


"Tension released in my back, neck and shoulders through deep tissue massage has drastically reduced my headaches"



Dry Cupping

What is dry cupping? The ancient technique of dry cupping is derived from traditional Chinese and Egyptian medicine. Today Olympic athletes swear by it, as well as celebrities who are often 'papped' with the tell tale marks that a cupping session can leave.

Cupping pulls blood into a region to stimulate healing and it is highly effective at stretching tight fascia and relieving muscle tension. In this regard cupping offers a lot of bang for your buck, just 10 minutes of therapy can give the equivalent results of an hours deep tissue massage. I can incorporate cupping into your 1hr massage and bodywork session or it can be experienced as a stand alone treatment. 

How does it work? through accumulative repetitive strain or inactivity the blood supply to tissues decreases and fascia becomes tough, knotted and scarred, eventually developing into what we feel as muscle 'knots'.

This causes pain, tension and a lack of range of movement. The use of cupping, in likeness to manual massage therapy, can aid these effects by increasing blood supply to the muscle, fascia and skin. Cupping lifts the tissues rather than compressing them as massage does.  Initially pulls blood into an area. The tissue becomes saturated with fresh blood while the vacuum pulls stagnant blood out of the area. This is demonstrated by the hickey like appearance that is typically left behind. The mark may produce a pink, red, white or blue mark but it is rarely painful and will fade over the course of a 1-3 week period. As new blood is forced into the tissues around the cups the body will begin to develop new blood vessels. This process is called neovascularisation (new blood vessel formation) As new blood vessels form they will have capability to feed the tissues with nutrients and oxygen and this is the process that allows what are felt as muscle knots and tension to dissolve and soften.

It is this process of neovascularisation that makes dry cupping such an effective treatment and is why it offers such fast and lasting results in terms of regenerating problem areas of adhesion and even old injury site

1hr - £55 included as part of your restorative massage.

30mins - £30 stand alone treatment.

20mins - £20 as an add-on to any treatment.

25 reasons to get a massage

1 - Stress relief
2 - Relieve chronic pain
3 - Release scar tissue / tissue regeneration
4 - Promotes quality sleep
5 - Brightens your mood
6 - Boosts your immune system
7 - Improves cardiovascular health
8 - Improves range of motion
9 - Improves the condition of the body's largest organ the skin
10 - Releases endorphins - the body's natural painkillers
11 - Ease medication dependance such as painkillers
12 - Reduce spasm and cramping
13 - Lessen depression and anxiety
14 - More energy, it's exhausting for the body to carry around chronic tension
15 - Lowers blood pressure
16 - Loosens tight muscles
17 - Improves muscle tone
18 - Speeds elimination of metabolic waste
19 - Reduces swelling
20 - Improves postural imbalances
21 - Activates the body's incredible self healing powers
22 - Helps athletes of all levels prepare for and recover from strenuous exercise
23 - Promotes self care
24 - Improves body image
25 - It feels amazing!

Do You Have Tech Neck?

Tech neck, frontal cross, forward head posture. There are many names for this postural imbalance, but I can honestly say that in over a decade of practicing bodywork and having had my hands on literally thousands of bodies, frontal cross is by far the most common complaint I see in my clinical practice.

The reality is I now see more clients who are feeling the physical effects of inactivity and sedentary lifestyles, rather than traditional sporting injuries.
We now find ourselves fully immersed in the age of information, technology and screen-time are an inescapable aspect of most of our daily lives. However, staring at screens all day is not what our bodies are designed to do. Our bodies are designed to be upright, moving around and walking for many hours a day, not hunched over screens and we are paying the price for this in the form of poor posture and its associated pain problems.

Do you suffer from headaches, jaw pain, neck and shoulder pain, numbness and tingling in your hands and arms, or maybe you can't turn your head to look over your shoulder? All these and much more can be the signs and symptoms of this common problem.

You may not be able to give up the desk job or throwaway your phone, but there are things you can do to help manage and counteract the damaging effects of too much screen-time.

At Essential Therapies we've put together a specialised treatment with tech neck in mind. We'll loosen tight muscles, allowing your shoulders to relax back down to their natural position and then show you how to strengthen weak, over stretched muscles that you need to regain good posture. We'll empower you to self treat after your session, giving you homeware advice and exercises designed to help you manage and reverse this 21st century problem.

Book in for our tech neck special.
You'll receive hands on corrective bodywork and home care advice and exercises. Invest in yourself and your health with this essential treatment.
75mins - £75