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with Sandra Joyce

Sandra Joyce established her homeopathic practice in East Devon and Exeter in 2012, and now works locally, nationally, and internationally as an experienced practitioner dealing with a wide range of medical and therapeutic issues: anything that you might bring to the attention of a GP or specialist is likely to benefit from homeopathy as an alternative or complementary treatment.

About Homeopathy

Developed over a number of decades of research by an 18th century doctor who quit his medical practice in disgust at the ineffective and barbarous treatments of his day, the principles of homeopathy remain intact, authentic and effective well over two hundred years later. These are 'first, do no harm'; then 'let like cure like', a principles known and followed by Galen and Hippocrates as part of medical practice and teaching in the ancient world. 

Put simply, homeopathic remedies work to prompt the body and/or mind toward working better, and there is more verified research to confirm this than not. We all have the innate capacity to heal, and homeopathy works through being complementary to our natural body functioning, rather than suppressive or antagonistic toward it.

We are meant to be well.

At one end of the scale homeopathy is used as 'energetic medicine' , as a signal to the body systems and mind to work in balance again; and at the other end of the scale it is used as a gentle and refined material medicine capable of helping any single symptom for which you might buy over the counter medicine or get a doctor's prescription. It creates positive shifts in a person's system and, if needed, can target and tone specific organs. As it cures in animals and pre-verbal infants, the notion of it being 'mere placebo' really should be discounted.

Homeopaths are trained in anatomy, physiology and clinical pathology, and we do pay attention to the testing and diagnostic results that patients may bring to their consultation. We regularly suggest that people return to their GP or specialist for a particular test if it seems to be needed, even if only to rule out possible pathology.

In working out the remedies relevant to a case (and there are now about 4,500 available), part of the art and science of homeopathy is in the proper consideration of the origins or triggers of the person's ailing, as well as looking at any maintaining causes that may be a block to complete cure.

The World Health Organisation consistently ranks homeopathy as used more frequently around the globe than drug-based western medicine. (That surprised me too!) In this country at any point, up to eleven million people are using it confidently as an effective and reliable form of medicine.

Your Appointment

A primary consultation takes between sixty and ninety minutes (forty-five to sixty in the case of a child). This covers the history, experience, and treatment of the ailment or symptoms to date; a full description of the person's usual physical and mental self; and a look at any medical or prescribing factors that must be taken into account.  After this, the information gathered  is reviewed and synthesised, and the homeopathic materia medica is researched to find the best-matching remedy or remedies for the person at that point. A treatment plan is drawn up, then remedies for the person at that point. A treatment plan is drawn up, then remedies are dispensed and posted or delivered. (included in your fee). Naturopathic suggestions may also be offered, or referral on to a different discipline if experience shows that the person would benefit.

After allowing the prescription appropriate time to run (four to six weeks) there is a 'check-in' point, with a follow-up appointment to review the effects and consider whether further prescribing is needed - or not. These appointments take between forty and sixty minutes (thirty to forty-five for children).

Sandra offers a free 15 minute no obligation chat on the phone to help you decide if homeopathy is the right modality for you.



Adult primary consultation £95

Adult follow-up £60

Child primary consultation £60

Child follow-up £40

Acute prescriptions £12-30

All homeopathic medicines and their delivery to you are included in your fee.

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