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with Steve Shackleton Dip ASK

Steve is a dedicated Systematic Kinesiology practitioner and teacher who specialises in Nutritional Medicine.


With the use of Kinesiological muscle testing, Steve works as a health detective, tapping into the biochemical, physical, structural, mental and energetic aspects of the body. 

Through the use of muscle testing, the client's body reveals the imbalance that needs correcting, as well as any nutritional deficiencies or sensitivities that may need to be addressed. When imbalances are corrected, clients begin to experience changes in their overall health and a profound improvement in their sense of wellbeing.

Nutritional Kinesiology is especially helpful for getting to the root cause of symptoms such as fatigue, frequent infections and digestive issues.

Where appropriate clients will leave with a prescription for an advanced nutritional supplementation and dietary and lifestyle recommendations. 


Your Treatment

Please avoid alcohol, caffeine or eating a heavy meal on the day of your treatment.

Do not take any supplements on the day of your treatment.

Please wear comfortable clothes.

Please bring to your appointment any supplements or medication that you are currently taking.

Contact & Fees

For appointments with Steve please contact him directly.

FEES: 1 hour - £60

Find out more about Steve on our practitioners page here

Call: 07403 544433

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