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Steve Shackleton

Nutritional Kinesiologist Dip ASK

Steve is a dedicated Systematic Kinesiology practitioner and teacher who specialises in Nutritional Medicine. Over the last 20 years Steve has studied with some of the world's leading Kinesiology and Nutrition teachers and he is currently enrolled in a Chiropractic Masters. Within his sessions he draws from his years of diverse experience working as a therapist within the NHS in mental health, within a private healthcare setting supporting deaf and autistic young adults, and as a martial arts and Tai Chi instructor.

With the use of Kinesiological muscle testing Steve works as a health detective, tapping into the biochemistry, emotional and mental, physical and structural and energetic aspects of the body.
Through the use of muscle testing the client's body reveals the imbalance that needs correcting.
When imbalances are corrected, clients begin to experience changes in their overall health and a profound improvement in their overall sense of wellbeing.

Nutritional Kinesiology is especially helpful for getting to the root cause of symptoms such as fatigue, frequent infections and digestive issues.

Please contact Steve directly to book your appointment.

07403 544433

Steve Shackleton
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