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Would you like to weed out hay fever before it begins? It is possible with homeopathy.

JUST TWO DAYS of taking homeopathic medicines in the first half of February (before the pollen season begins) pre-empts the onset of hay fever and tamps down this kind of immune system over-reaction by an average of 70% in the first year of use.

Repeated over two or three years in succession, this protocol effectively has you well on your way to actually weeding out your long-term over -sensitivity to the great outdoors - and living without your usual symptoms and not needing to use regular anti-histamines, nasal sprays, eye drops, pollen blocks, and packs and packs of tissues...IF needed during the summer that follows, a symptom- or pollen-specific remedy used just two or three times will keep symptoms well and truly at bay. The two 'February' remedies are 'epigenetic'. Epigenetic effectively means 'person has an underlying tendency toward 'x' symptoms present in their system, with that tendency activated by specific conditions/ triggers'. With people susceptible to hay fever this can include reactivity to what's 'out there' - e.g. pollen, dust, mould, animal fur and dander etc - as well to what we eat, drink, breathe in our homes and work places, and allow onto our skin.

As the two 'February' remedies percolate through the system they calm down that underlying over-reactivity before the usual triggers kick off. After that, the individual elements of the case are addressed, so different symptoms get symptom-specific remedies. In homeopathy itchy, runny, sore eyes need something different to sneezy-sneezy-sneezy noses, which need something different to just feeling bunged up and under the weather, which need something different to 'grass rash', which needs something different to a devilish itch deep in the back of the throat, which needs something different to....

You get the picture? And where a person knows exactly what triggers them, that is the easiest homeopathic prescribing of all: 'Let like cure like' is the rule. So if you know that a specific pollen (e.g. rape seed, birch or oak), or pollens from one group of plants in general is your trigger (grasses, or flowers, or trees), then taking it in homeopathic form is like telling your system " You can deal with this". Homeopathic remedies don't merely suppress the symptoms of hay fever as anti-histamines do, they settle them properly, so that you don't have to think about them anymore.


£12.00 per individual

£15 per couple or whole household

Act now - Call 07521 384280

or email to be included on my early February treatment list -

the 'Hay fever Crew'.

Some past patients' testimonials:

"I've been meaning to write to you for weeks. My lack of hay fever this year has been awesome, thanks to you I simply have no or v little symptoms. I have taken the top-up (remedy name removed) twice and that has worked; I am cycling loads and feel sooo much better, less tired and blocked up. Thank you so much." Mr MH, Rousdon

"Really good result - I can go for a long walk with the dog wherever I like now without feeling under siege from things like rape seed, toothy grass and the other culprits." Mrs JH, Woodbury

"It's amazing - it worked so well. My hay fever is at its worst in autumn, particularly clearing up in the garden, but that's completely sorted now. Thank you. "Mrs SH, Budleigh Salterton

Sandra Joyce

MA (Hons), LBSH, RSHom

Homeopathic Practitioner

07521 384280

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