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Harie Graham

Sound Therapist Music BA (Hons) Music PGCE Secondary PL.Dip. ST BAST MCMA, ITSA

Sound, Music, health and wellbeing have been passions of mine for as long as I can remember.

From an early age I began performing on piano, flute & guitar and as well as loving singing, I had a real love for improvisation, composition and songwriting.

I have a BA Hons degree and PGCE in Music and have spent many years performing, composing, teaching and training in lots of different genres and styles. My career has taken me in so many different directions from being a flautist in York Symphony Orchestra & prog rock band Mostly Autumn, to mentoring, being a voice coach and delivering workshops for South West Music School. Teaching GCSE/BTEC/A level Music in the classroom at secondary schools and colleges, to running community world music projects and setting up busking and songwriters' stages at music festivals.

The universal language & global world of Music has created a wonderful array of experiences for me, but most importantly Music has always been such an incredible therapy to have and to share with others.

As time passed, I gradually found myself using Music in secondary schools more as a therapeutic tool and I began designing my lessons to support many young people with mental health issues and anxiety. Having also always had an interest in various alternative therapies, previously training in the noughties in aromatherapy, herbalism, crystal therapy and vibrational Reiki & Sekhem energy work; it was during a surf trip to Bali in 2010 where I was inspired into the world of therapeutic sound and from this point that I wished to dedicate and immerse my studies purely in Sound Therapy.

Fast forward to 2023 and I am a fully trained and qualified Sound Therapist. Always continuing to research and study in the latest techniques and science and develop my training further with highly respected instructors and teachers in the field.

The instruments I use for my 1:1 Sound Therapy treatments and Soundbaths are Himalayan Bowls, both on body massage and off body, Crystal Bowls, the Monochord and therapeutic voice and percussion. Sessions are bespokely designed and can be infused with some crystal, Sekhem or Reiki too.

I offer 1:1 Sound Therapy and singing bowl massage sessions here at Essential Therapies.

I also hold group Soundbaths at the yoga studio next door The Ocean Wellness Hub.
These run every Sunday evening 6-7pm and are priced at £12.50
Please contact me directly for more information or to book your place.

Harie Graham


call or text: 07791 619 393

follow: @rezenance

Harie Graham
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