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Wizz Minnow

Cranio Sacral therapist

I am a fully qualified Cranio Sacral therapist, working in the field of holistic therapies for over 25 years.
I studied with Thomas Attlee at his prestigious College of Cranio Sacral Therapy in London.

My approach to your care is informed by what you share with me and led by what your body shows me;
after our initial chat I may be drawn to points on the body which are not obvious to the symptom pattern you have, but as all is one and bodies intelligence is deep we can trust that the process is unfolding in the way most suited to you right now.

I am a mother, grandmother, crafter and gardener, a sky gazer, river dipper, sea swimmer and general lover of the natural world. I love magic and science, for me the therapies I offer are the perfect blend of both.

Wizz Minnow


Wizz Minnow
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