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Addressing Thyroid issues Holistically and Herbally.

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

The thyroid is a delicate butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck that is responsible for regulating our metabolism. Crudely speaking, this means our ability to generate energy, but in reality, it is much more intricate and subtle than that, with the thyroid constantly monitoring internal bodily energy requirements and external influencing factors. Hormones released by the thyroid enter each cell of the body, up or down-regulating the number and functionality of the mitochondria - our energy generating organelles.

As you might expect with such a finely tuned gland, small changes can send things awry, causing a variety of downstream effects on the body and mind, Common symptoms can include low mood, hair-loss, dry skin and constipation or anxiety and heart palpitations amongst other things. Additionally, subclinical hypothyroidism - where thyroid hormones may be within the normal range is now very common. This means that thyroid hormones may be within the normal range but the person is displaying clear symptoms of thyroid dysfunction - is now very common.

Many factors can affect thyroid function, including: hormonal imbalance, which is why underlying thyroid issues can become apparent at times of hormonal change such as puberty, pregnancy and the menopause; high oestrogen levels - something that is now very common due to the man-made oestrogen-mimicking substances in our environment; deficiency of certain nutrients e.g selenium, zinc, tyrosine and iodine either through impaired digestion or a lack of these nutrients in the diet; inflammatory foods such as seed oils or gluten; and chronic stress - so common in our fast paced and permanently 'on' society.

Whilst conventional medication is sometimes necessary, herbal medicine and its inherently holistic approach has much to offer the chronic conditions of today, including thyroid issues. During an in-depth consultation we explore the specific symptoms my patient is experiencing and look at all of the factors that are contributing to their current state of dis-ease. Together, we work to address these factors by making changes to diet and lifestyle over time and that are achievable. Herbal prescriptions are tailored specifically for the individual and will incorporate herbs that support detoxification pathways, adrenal function and the stress response, digestive function, systemic inflammation and, of course, the thyroid itself. All of these measures are with the aim of bringing your body systems back into balance.

If you are experiencing symptoms of thyroid dysfunction or have a recent diagnosis of hypo or hyperthyroid and would like to support your thyroid holistically then please contact Canda directly.

Canda Diacono Dip. Med. Herb.,MNIMH

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