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Dry Cupping Therapy - Everything You Need To Know.

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Dry Cupping is an ancient and powerful bodywork technique that has been a part of human medical history since at least 1550 BC, when it was mentioned in Eber's papyrus.

Today, it is rapidly gaining popularity in the West as a way of releasing chronic pain and tension, improving athletic performance and reducing post sport recovery time.

What is Dry Cupping and how does it work?

Dry cupping therapy is the form of cupping most commonly used in the West.

Suction cups are placed on the skin to create a vacuum, this lifts the top layer of the dermis up into the cup, separating it from the fascial tissues beneath and flooding the area with fresh blood.

Cups are then left in place for 3-10 minutes. Sometimes moving, sliding and gliding techniques may be used in order to achieve the desired results. Cupping therapy will often leave a circular mark, these marks look painful but they are actually consistent with a hicky or a love bite mark, they are not painful and will fade over the course of a week or two. Neovascularisation (new blood vessel formation) occurs in response to blood being drawn into the tissue. This leads to an increase in nutrient and oxygen content within the localised area. The stretch that is produced in the soft tissue and fascia leads to a relaxation effect within the muscle, which results in an improved range of motion.

What is cupping helpful for?

Almost everything! we are all carrying excess tension to some degree, we all have 'knots' and adhesions and postural imbalances. In a bodywork session with Kaya, cups are placed on myofascial trigger points. Releasing these areas of adhesions can give profound and lasting relief from soft tissue pain problems. Due to Neovascularisation (new blood vessel formation)- even old injury sites can be regenerated and just 10 minutes of dry cupping can be the equivalent of an hour of deep tissue massage.

Cupping is also suitable for:

Headaches & migraines.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Breathing problems


Sports injuries and recovery

Shoulder pain and old injury sites

Repetitive strain

Knee pain

Back and neck pain

Planter faciitis

Scar tissue release

If you think you would benefit from a dry cupping session then please get in touch with Kaya to book your appointment.

Available as part of your 1hr Restorative massage.

As a 30 minute stand alone treatment. (follow-up only)

Or as a 15 min add-on to your facial.


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